Rainy Day Inspiration

Rain is splashing against the windows and drumming on the roof as I sit here at my desk, cozily writing. Rainy days are my favorite type of weather, especially when I’m inside my warm dry house. Sunny days are obviously great too, but those elicit the opposite feeling: I have to get out of the house and delve into nature when the sun peeks out.

The sound of rain is calming and inspiring. Simulated rain sounds on phone apps or websites just don’t cut it; I need the real deal to really get in the mood.

When I was little I remember grabbing my pink umbrella with its ruffly lace trim and rushing out to the front yard. I laid my raincoat on a patch of wet grass, sat down on it, and huddled under the dry safety of the umbrella. Watching the nature around me take a long spring drink, and listening to the rain drops plopping just above my head felt like meditation.

Here’s some rainy day inspiration in case you share the same fondness:





Click on the images for original sources. I found them all on Pinterest, my go-to for visual inspiration.


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