My Writing Space

My desk is one of my favorite places. As a writer I spend countless hours sitting at it, either typing on my laptop, writing by hand in a notebook, or procrastinating any number of ways.

I’ve always been fascinated by seeing other writer’s spaces. When I was around 11 years old, my family took me on a short road trip to visit the home of author Gene Stratton-Porter in Rome, Indiana. I’ll never forget that trip, because it’s when I first felt the inspiration of peeking into another writer’s life. Gene’s home in Wildflower Woods is insanely gorgeous and I remember thinking it was the ideal writing space. I still feel that way, and am planning another visit to her memorial soon!

In Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, she writes; “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” I agree with this, but am currently writing from one side of the bedroom I share with my husband. I had my own writing room when we first moved to this house, but after a year it turned into my son’s nursery. Someday I’ll have my very own space, and until then I’m very thankful for my cozy corner.


This is my desk on a tidy day. It usually looks like this, although sometimes it gets bogged down with flurries of papers and coffee cups.

On the far left side of the desk I have two magazine organizers which I use to hold notebooks I’m currently using, my sketchbook and a couple of file folders with important documents. Then, the first row of books are some of my favorite about writing that I own, and the second row are library books I’m working my way through.

That typewriter was a thrift store find for only $10. It came with the 1960 user manual, and I just had to replace the ink ribbon to get it working. I mostly use that pink laptop for all my writing projects and keep notes and lists in notebooks.

Not pictured: my extensive collection of pens and notebooks. That could be a standalone post since I have so many and am particular about which products I prefer.

Happy writing!


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