Freelance Writing

My neglectful hiatus from this blog isn’t ENTIRELY due to procrastination… I’ve also been busy writing freelance articles for a few local magazines. So that counts for something — too busy to write here because I’ve been writing elsewhere… right?

Well anyway, after months spent applying to random freelance postings on sites that pay measly $ and sadly also don’t give credit to the author, I was offered an excellent opportunity in July.

It has been difficult to get into a routine of finding the time to interview, transcribe those interviews, write the story and then go through edits with clients  — all while watching my almost-two-year-old son.

The knowledge I’ve received from the various interviews is priceless, further solidifying my degree choice of Journalism (minor in English). It will never get old to have the “authority” to ask questions and in return people open up to you… as long as you ask the right questions.

I’m toying with the idea of blogging about my freelancing experiences, embarrassing moments and all, with some hopefully helpful tips sprinkled throughout!

Please leave a comment if you would be interested in freelance posts!